Notice on the adjustment of functions of Shenzhen land port

NEWS 2024.06.07

        On February 2, 2021, the Shenzhen Port Office officially issued a notice of land port function adjustments. Starting from 0:00 on February 10, 2021, Huanggang Port will stop the entry and exit of no-load cross-border trucks, and Wenjindu Port will cancel non-fresh food products. Check function. Please make adjustments in time for relevant cross-border transportation companies.

      Warm reminder from Shenzhen Port Office on the adjustment of land port functions
      NO.1 Regarding the cross-border truck diversion arrangement at Huanggang Port
      Except for cross-border freight vehicles originally approved to travel separately at Huanggang Port, other empty-load cross-border trucks are no longer allowed to enter and exit through Huanggang Port, and can choose other ports (excluding Wenjindu Port) to clear customs.
      NO.2 Regarding the cancellation of the non-fresh food inspection function arrangement at Wenjindu Port
      Wenjindu Port cancels the inspection function of non-fresh food, and only allows cross-border transportation vehicles for fresh and live food goods to enter and exit. Other general cargo cross-border transportation vehicles are no longer allowed to enter and exit through Wenjindu Port.

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